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User Experience

3DentPrint has been designed with user experience in mind.

It is easy and fast to use.

Holistic Approach

It ensures the spread of digitalization to all levels.

Increases interdepartmental efficiency.


It gathers your customers under a transparent and reliable platform.

Allows file and information sharing.

Email, WhatsApp, WeTransfer

Instead of file sharing methods that are not possible to track through various applications, an application is offered to your customers who request 3D production, which they can access with their user name and password. File transfer is performed within this application.

All pricing is done automatically with the help of predefined customer, material type and member based pricing. In this way, user-induced errors are minimized.

3DentPrint creates daily, weekly, monthly graphs and reports by recording all transactions of the manufacturer and its customers. It brings light to valuable information to be used in decision making.

3D design file (.STL) viewer

The transferred 3D design files can be viewed within the application with a single click.

All information of the File and Transfer (production, pricing, shipping) is updated and recorded gradually, within seconds, without leaving the application.

Repeat (RPT) jobs cease to be a problem. By enabling Repeat (RPT) jobs to be selected among past transfers, malicious use is prevented. Repetitive jobs (due to incorrectly created design submission) are prevented from being a burden to the manufacturer. Repeat rate is set to a minimum.

3DentPrint securely stores your accounting records.

It reports the general financial account of the Manufacturer Company with tables and graphics. It allows transfer and payment tracking by keeping detailed accounting records of all customers.

Graphs the payment flow. It lists the current balances of customers in bulk. Apart from 3D production, it also allows recording and accounting of extra charges incurred.

It minimizes conflicts.

All customer transactions are charted on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. This information can be output in Microsoft Excel and PDF formats.

Thanks to transfer, piece and member pricing, it offers transparent and detailed balance reports to customers, minimizing disputes.

It offers advanced reporting options.

Observing and graphing transfer, production and payment information over long periods reveals the short and long-term effects of situations like price increase etc.

Customer continuity reports are produced on behalf of the manufacturer by listing the customers who did not demand production for a certain period of time. Users have one-click access to daily production information on a provincial and customer basis.

Security and confidentiality of user information are at the forefront.

Almost all of the accounting records are recorded as non-changeable. For updatable records, backtracking records (LOG) are created and authorized users can easily access this information.

All communication and information flow between the customer and the manufacturer, including the transfer of 3D design files, takes place over an encrypted layer (SSL - Secure Sockets Layer).

.STL is the most widely used 3D printing file format.

.STL extension represents a format created by dividing the surfaces of the 3D model into multiple triangles in a mathematical array, where these triangles represent the 3D model with their normal and three points.

With its unique logo, 3DentPrint emphasizes this mathematical model and the successful technology used.

All Solutions in One Application

3DentPrint has been carefully designed in line with customer demands. It has been tested in harsh conditions and is updated every day, acquiring new capabilities. Here are a few of them:

Mobile Compatible

The interface of the application automatically adapts to the screen sizes of mobile phones and tablets.

No Installation Required

Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari etc. Accessible from all current browsers.

Location Independent

Users can access all transfer information and 3D design files from any place where internet infrastructure is available, and perform their transactions.

It is Safe

All transactions between the manufacturer and its customers are carried out through a secure SSL infrastructure. Personal information is protected with the help of encryption algorithms.

It Informs

Browser-based notification and email notification options are available at various points. Users can receive regular notifications by subscribing to these resources.

It Empowers

All customer transactions take place within the consent of the manufacturer. The manufacturer company provides permissions like transfer confirmation, balance monitoring etc. for each of its customers and can update/remove authorizations at any time.

1150+ Users With Us

3DentPrint is developing organically and expanding day by day thanks to the demands and referrals of its users.

We are aware that besides the capabilities that we can add to your workflows, you also have a lot to add to 3DentPrint application.

As of May 2021, Our first customer has put the 3DentPrint application into use. As of now, they manage the production and accounting processes by tracking thousands of transfers with the help of our application.

Eeeeeee Dental Prosthesis Laboratory
Tekirdağ - Turkey

Dental Plus Private Multi-Purpose Dental Prosthesis Laboratory, which we started to work with in December 2022, is steadily increasing its effectiveness in the sector.

Teknoline Lazer Metal & Milling company started to work with our company in March 2023. They carry out all STL Transfer and production processes flawlessly through our application.

Teknoline Lazer Metal & Milling
Kâğıthane, İstanbul - Turkey

As of May 2023, we started to work with Şişli 3D Milling Center, with whom we put into operation the transfer, production, and accounting modules, and we are adding new features to our application with their valuable guidance.

Şişli 3D Milling Center
Şişli, İstanbul - Turkey

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